The Kennies: Prewedding Session

Giving this post a title turned out to be a little tricky as I’m in the habit of pairing my couple’s names to title the posts e.g Yemi and Kehinde: Traditional wedding. In this case, quite interestingly, both of them have the same name but even more amusing is that they are both twins.

I met Kehinde(female) at a client’s wedding and we’ve been sparingly in contact until when she called about her wedding photography.  As you would expect, I was delighted another client pulled through. Especially one I got through another satisfied client.

Shooting “the Kennies”(the name I finally settled with) was really smooth. They are both quite easy going and fun to shoot.  I had special help from Timehin Aju on the job.

As usual, keep the sharing going on!

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