Marian and Jide: Prewedding Session

Marian and Jide: Prewedding Session

Hello guys, after months of skimping on the blog, here’s a post again!!!

I usually loooooooove clients who value the essence of photography on their big day.  This couple just happens to be one of them. Through our conversations from a few months back and getting to meet Marian,  I definitely look forward to shooting their wedding.  They surely know how to pay attention to details.

The prewedding session was a breeze to say the least.  All the elements fell nicely into place. Even the weather was on our side as well considering it’s been raining every other day for a while now.  We had fun while working together and crowned it all up with an amazing dinner (yes I like food).

Special appreciation goes to Uju (her planner) for her time through the shoot and for my insurance cover 😀 (only a few people will get that). Olumoroti thanks for the help all the way as well.


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